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Diary and Notices, July 2019


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General Notices

You might have noticed that we now have a small device for contactless giving at the back of church. We can now take donations by card quickly and very simply. All you have to do is touch the pad with your card – just like in the shops. This is really important as so many of us now do not carry cash in our pockets but still want to contribute to church funds. It is set to a £5 basic donation but you can change the amount from £3 up to £30 by swiping the screen if you wish to. We have the machine on a three month trial from the diocese, so please give us your feedback about using it.
If you give regularly by putting loose cash into the collection plate, we would be very grateful if you would consider joining the planned giving scheme (by standing order, regular envelopes or the "Parish Giving Scheme"). The tax office allows us to claim gift aid on a small amount of cash from collections, which is great, BUT if our collections go over this amount we cannot claim gift aid on them. Our occasional visitors do need to use the collection plate, so it would be super if our regular supporters used the other methods, so that we can make the most of the gift aid allocation with visitors. Do have a chat with Felicity, Robert Buckeldee or Margaret Day for more info. Thank you.
We are looking for donations of lego to supplement our resources for children and young people at St Mary's. Please speak to or contact Meghann Hewett if you can help (meghann_hewett@hotmail.com).

Date Ordered Notices

FLOWER FESTIVAL 2019 6th, 7th July
We are holding the Flower Festival at St Mary's in aid of Christian Aid. We are needing folks to steward for the two days. There is a signing up form on your noticeboards and we would be very grateful if you could help. All the times are on the forms so you can do as little or as much as you like. This may be our last opportunity to support Christian Aid on a big scale so please give it your support. Thank you Mick and Marilyn King.
It is wonderful to see so many people involved in different ways planning and leading our monthly Open Space services. We are about to plan the themes for next year (Sep'19-Aug'20) and would like to do this collaboratively. If you are interested in being part of the discussion, signing up to be part of the team for one month, or just hearing how we make them happen please come along to St Mary's at 8pm on Thursday July 18th. Everyone welcome, newcomers or established members equally. For more information, please talk to Robert Buckeldee or a member of the clergy team.