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Diary and Notices, November 2018


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4th before Advent (All Saints')

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Christ the King

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General Notices


Quite a few members of our congregations rely on lifts to get to church, and we do need a few more drivers to help out. If you have a car, and would be able to offer a lift, either occasionally or on a regular basis, please have a word with Anne Handsley or a member of the Clergy. Equally, if you need transport to get to church, please let us know.

Date Ordered Notices

AN INTRODUCTION TO ANNA CHAPLAINCY, 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd November

Thursdays at 8pm in St. Mary's Refectory. A wonderfully mixed group of Christians from Kidlington's ecumenical churches and from other surrounding areas is working together to explore issues around spirituality and old age, dementia, death, and the church's role in residential homes. All welcome.

THE MAKING GROUP, 2,9,16,23 November

With an eye on the "Follow that Star" on Decemeber 15th, The Making Group will meet on Fridays 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd November, 2pm onwards in the Refectory. All welcome of course. Contact rosemary.meara@gmail.com.


5pm at St Mary's Kidlington. If you can, please bring with you a single leaf for each person you are remembering. EVERYONE WELCOME.


Deliveries to 60 Cherry Close as usual on that day, please. The December collection will be the one for receiving gifts of warm socks, gloves, and underwear, as well as large bars of chocolate. Gatehouse don't need hats or scarves this year. They are still asking for second-hand sleeping bags. Thank you for your generosity. Sarah.


St Mary's Kidlington holds a Remembrance Service at 10am attended by the uniformed services. The service concludes with the two minute silence at the War Memorial.


The last of Laura's year-long series of coffee talks will be on Sunday November 18th, at 11.30am in St Mary's Kidlington, discussing the 'kingdom season'. She'll also reveal the new plan of talks for 2019.


Martin and Diana will give feedback on Joel and Fiona and their life as CMS Mission Partners and a little taster on Jordan following their recent visit. Sunday November 25th, at 11.30am in St Mary's Kidlington.

POSADA 25th November onwards

The travel basket containing Mary, Joseph and their donkey will be leaving St John's on Sunday 25 November to travel around the village, returning on Christmas Eve. If you wish to receive them into your home, please contact Margaret Dee on 01865 373436 or dave_marg@btinternet.com with any dates you would prefer.

St John's GAMES EVENING 30th November

We have been offered the opportunity of a private opening of the wonderful fair-trade shop in Headington- aptly called Headington Fairtrade (previously the Windmill Shop). They have offered to open the venue on Monday December 3rd from 7.00pm. This is very timely in relation to Christmas. They stock a variety of things from clothing to household items, food and drinks as well as a wide range of gifts. The 700 bus stops right outside the shop and for those unable to use the bus the Fair-trade team are happy to offer lifts for this event. Can you please let us know if you are interested in this and whether you would like a lift? (We need a minimum of 10 people for this event but we would like more!) We would love to see you there. For any further information please talk to Jill Buckeldee, Janet Warren, Steve and Anne Handsley or Margaret Day.

ADVENT QUIET DAY: Wednesday December 5th

The Tuesday prayer and fellowship group are planning an Advent Quiet Day at Freeland Convent on Wednesday 5th December. There are spaces available. Please contact Laura if you are interested in coming, or would like to know more.

FOLLOW THAT STAR : 15th December 4pm

This exciting event is now coming together, but we still need volunteers to cover the various jobs that need to be done, from taking part in the drama to marshalling the procession, to setting up the church and clearing away, making costumes and many stars! Please see the list at the back of church and talk to Rosemary Meara, or email her on Rosemary.meara@ gmail.com. And put the date in your diary! The Making Group will meet again on Fridays 16th & 23rd November, 2pm onwards in the Refectory. All welcome.

TEA TALK 13th January 2019

The new series at St Mary's Kidlington opens at 3pm on 13th January 2019 with John Batchelor talking on Kipling and the Bible. Rudyard Kipling, the celebrated author of The Jungle Books and Kim, was born into a Bible-based culture. He regarded knowledge of the King James Bible as indispensable for a writer. The Old Testament is reflected in his early work, in the Just So stories, for example, while The New Testament is referenced in some of his best work following the death of his son, John Kipling, at the age of 18 in the Battle of Loos (1915). Professor John Batchelor is Emeritus Professor of English at Newcastle University and has published several books. He is currently working on a biography of Kipling. All Welcome! Tea and cakes afterwards. Donations in aid of church funds.