The Kidlington Team Ministry

What's new in October 2015?


  • The Pastoral Visiting Team has begun to visit people in their homes.
  • Meghann Hewett has begun her first term's training as an LLM with a module. on worship.
  • Having had 14 baptisms in September we look forward to another 6 baptisms this afternoon and on Wed 21st Oct the adult baptisms of Kathy Eggbeer and her children Bryan and Marie.
  • We are working on improving the votive candle area in St Mary's: there is now a book for people to write their prayers in and soon we will remove the pin up board. The book can be more easily used in intercessions in services. We are applying for a faculty to move the redundant altar rails away from the south transept which will also improve the prayer area.
  • For 10 Tuesday evenings starting January 12th we are running a 'Christian Discipleship' Course covering questions such as how should we live as Christians, ethics and engaging in the world, different traditions of worship spirituality. The Revd Keith Beech-Gruneberg (Diocesan Director of Local Ministry training )will be leading it along with others. The course will be at St John's and is open to all explorers / questioners / seekers / disciples. See Felicity or Martin if interested.
THANK YOU for playing your part in all of this. Please continue to pray for growth in our parish, that we may serve God's people better.

4th October 2015