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First Time Sissy: Chastity Feminization: 3 Stories

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Baby, if you don't eat all the food, I'm going to have to spank you to teach you how to behave at lunchtime. And everything that stays in your bib ends up in your diaper.” The aim of this wiki is to build an archive of chastity stories. The stories have been divided into 5 sections. Men kept in chastity by women(and vice versa), both lesbian chastity and gay men in chastity, as well as anything that doesn't fit into that category such as where you don't know who the keyholder is or where there are multiple ones. I can feel myself getting closer with every second, my ass clenching and starting to spasm, I'm tingling everywhere, I'm sure I can hear ringing in my ears, but it's different, it's not ringing, it's keys... and I can hear voices... Excellent,” complimented Aunt Mary, “A little touch-up with the curling iron and our little Chrissy will be perfect”. Don't you just adore this wonderful petticoat, honey?” Aunt Mary asked, giving the skirt a shake. An almost imperceptible moan escaped from my lips, as the loud frou-frou and the silken touch of the lace brushing my nylon-sheathed thighs seemed to envelope me in a kind of soft cloud.

Now let's get you ready for bed, it's late (it was 8 pm) and you have a wonderful new day tomorrow.''

After putting my shoes on, mommy helped me to my feet on the floor and when I put my feet on the floor, I felt the strong discomfort inside my shoes that made me squirm trying to keep my balance. She certainly knows now who that little thing between her legs belongs to. This chastity will do fine until her permanent one is ready. All of the equipment will be delivered by the time you are ready for it. The table will be identical to this one and should work for most of the things you have to do. I'll be able to show you how it all works before you are on your own up there. I think I gave you prescriptions for everything that requires one. The rest of the things you can get from that list of suppliers without a prescription". Now, don't you worry your little head, dear; it seems you'll get to play dress-up a little longer is all. It'll be wonderful having a sweet little girl in the house all weekend, you'll see.” Emily, this is my sissy baby, Laura (that's the name mommy gave me, even though I don't like being treated like a girl). She had a serious accident tonight and her diaper leaked and wet the sheets, but I'm very late and haven't had time to change the sheets, could you change them please? I can pay you an extra fee for that.”

How was this possible?” I thought to myself. As I turned to see the reflection from another angle, it hit me. As the layers of taffeta swished about my nylon-covered legs, there was no mistake. This was no dreamlike image - this was I! I could have remained before the mirror for hours had the two women not awakened me from my reverie. This is your new 'friend' that you told me so much Kat?'' Said the attendant with a smile. Her name was Megan.Mommy helped me out of the crib and took off my pajamas, leaving me with nothing but my full diapers and my pink plastic pants. I looked down and saw that the last diaper had pee marks all over the front, I must have wet myself a lot during the night, not to mention the weight I felt inside the diapers. There's a first time for everything. The chastity slave in this story attends a private play party for his Mistress and gets a very big surprise; his first experience of forced bi play. I woke up the next day still smiling from the night I had until I got up, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I went to the living room and from there I smelled great, it was Katherine preparing breakfast for both of us. As soon as I entered the kitchen, I was greeted with 'good morning' and a kiss on the cheek, her affection made me embarrassed and she noticed it, and smiled.

After several minutes, she comes out of there and comes to me and says that it's time to start making my lunch and that I must be hungry, but before that, she said she had a little surprise for me. Missing a few rooms where there would be visitors, mommy arrived in the room where disobedient babies were punished (when they weren't punished in front of the class, to serve as an example). On the walls were many paddle, whips and other spanking instruments, as well as various restraints, plugs of different sizes and dildos everywhere. It has been said that few babies are taken there, but sometimes it is necessary. The enema was over and my belly was very full and sore. Mommy was getting ready to remove the nipple. I know you must be exhausted for today, but we still need to buy some important things for your first day at daycare baby. It shouldn't take too long.''I couldn't believe what was the happening as Mistress got out of the car and I followed her almost in a daze. We went past the window displays of bras, girdles and corsets of all kinds. The heaviest ones appealed to me most. They were made of heavy canvas or heavy brocade fabrics in all colors with laces and straps everywhere and garters hanging from the bottom. Some only You're looking sexy, honey," Bec commented, "but we just need a little more make-up to turn you in to a gorgeous girl, how does that sound?"

The straps holding me in the stirrups and to the table being released woke me up. Someone lifted my legs out of the stirrups and helped me into a sitting position on the end of the table. I was so exhausted I could barely sit upright but the same hands helped steady me. The gag in my mouth deflated in I felt the laces of the helmet being loosened. The strap holding the gag was released and it was pulled from my mouth and the pads covering my eyes were also released and removed. It was the nurse helping me and I could see Mistress and the doctor on the other side of the examining room talking and putting things into a medium-sized suitcase. The nurse pulled the helmet from over my head and handed it across the room to Mistress who placed it in the And, a bit of manscaping is kind of normal I suppose, but seeing you shaving your butt-hole is a bit different." Taking my hand while I was dressed delicately Aunt Mary beamed, “Come along, sweetheart”, and with my skirts bobbing we walked together to the car. The next room mommy was taken to was empty, but it felt like a classroom, where babies learned about their diapers and how to behave. They learned that in case of disobedience, there would be various punishments. Mommy then asked about the system of punishments and behavior teaching at the daycare. With all this stimulation and the constant humiliation on Emily's part, I was about to cum and I was about to say it, so Emily slapped my leg to remind me that I couldn't talk.

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She took me to the bathroom, still frustrated and excited, waddling in my diapers. Arriving in the bathroom, she took off my plastic pants and told me to spread my legs while she releasing my diaper tapes. The first diaper landed with a thud on the floor and was quite wet. Good morning baby, how did you sleep last night? From the smell it looks like my smelly baby managed to use her diaper completely, very good girl.” She said while waving her hands in front of her nose, making me ashamed of what I had done. Then they arrived in front of a room similar to the first one, but this class was not of babies as young as me. The women explained that in this class, students used pull ups and already had some level of potty training, but that it was still common for accidents to occur sometimes, but it was something infrequent. Some even wore training pants and not pull ups. The students there played with paint and toys for children older than those in the first class. There were about six students there. It was explained to mommy that some mommies and daddies prefer to have their babies at that age. What better way for the dominant to flaunt his or her dominance than to physically ensure their chastised sissy is kept in a never-ending state of horniness and frustration. Cat strode over, and sat on a stool across from me. She turned the dial on the sex machine to 0, Hoodlum instantly grinding to a halt at near full extention, impaling me against the kitchen bench. There was little I could do but stay bent over the counter.

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