The Church of St John the Baptist, Kidlington

The church of St John the Baptist exists to enable its people to follow the example of Jesus in his acceptance of all people with love, concern and understanding for their sake (John 13:34) that together we may come to know the love of Christ (Ephesians 3:14-19).

We do hope that you feel welcome to our community. Our aim is to make worship and developing our understanding of the way of Jesus Christ central to our life together.

In 2007 and 2008 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the building and dedication of St John's. The 50th anniversary pages describe the celebrations held then.

We are now much of the way through a series of projects to repair and improve many facilities in our building. The first stage was major work on the roof to stop water damage, which has been very successful. We have completely refurbished the kitchen and toilet areas, and new fire doors have been installed. The chancel area has been renovated, and effort is now turning to the main hall area. You can see details of the project here.

St John's is a multi-purpose Hall Church and it is used not only for Anglican church services but also for a range of community activities during the week, foremost of which is hosting the Kidlington Community Hub. There is more information on the Hub here. The Lady Chapel is always available for services or quiet prayer.

Activities specific to St Johns's are mentioned below, but do look too at the range of activities in the Parish page, where St John's joins with its sister churches of St Mary's, Kidlington and St Mary's, Hampton Poyle.

St John's has its own website


The main Sunday service of Holy Communion is at 9.30 am., and is designed to be inclusive of all. Members of the laity read the lessons and lead intercessions. After the start of the service our children leave for a session of teaching and craft based around a scriptural theme. They rejoin the adult congregation for the Eucharist and then return at the end of the service to report on their activities, including sharing their own special stories and prayers.

See the Service Times for the midweek services at St John's and St Mary's, Kidlington.


Children and Young People

We welcome all children and young people to activities at St John's and in partnership with the other churches within the parish. Junior Church takes place on Sundays during the 9.30 am service where we have fun with songs, craft, drama, stories and prayers.

St John's hosts many activities through the week for the Kidlington Community Hub. There is more information on the Hub here.


Easter Club activities 2012



Open Church

We are delighted to be able to open our three churches every day. Sometimes we need a quiet space to sit, think, pray, light a candle, listen for God, or even shout at him!

The sanctuary area of St John's Kidlington will be open each day from 9am to 1pm for silent prayer. Do please feel free to come inside.


News and Information

The congregation at St John's are a community with many shared interests. The parish weekly newssheet gives details of forthcoming services and events, local people needing our thoughts and prayers and other information.



Sharing Life at St John's

Volunteers are always welcome to join in any of the activities at St John's, including:
  • reading lessons;
  • reading prayers;
  • acting as Sidesperson or Welcomer;
  • arranging flowers;
  • cleaning the Sanctuary and Lady Chapel;
  • serving coffee and tea on Sunday mornings;
  • Junior Church; and
  • serving at the altar.
If you feel that you can help with any of these things, your help will be greatly appreciated.




Our church is committed to the issue of Fair Trade, and aims to provide a monthly stall of Traidcraft products to encourage the buying of these products locally. Other activities include getting involved in local collaborations to highlight Fair Trade issues and to organize events in the village. Contact St John's Traidcraft Organizer.




Entrances to the Hall are wide enough for wheelchairs, push chairs etc. All facilities are on the same level, except for the exit to the rear garden, where a ramp is provided. An induction loop is fitted to aid hearing, and copies of the service booklets are available in large print copies as required.



Community Use of St John's

St John's is the centre for the Kidlington Community Hub but a number of other organisations make use of St John's Hall weekly or on an occasional basis, reinforcing its place as a community resource. See the St John's website for detail.