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Parish of Kidlington with Hampton Poyle

Parish of Kidlington
with Hampton Poyle

Kidlington 800: News


We are firming up on offers and dates for next year's Octo-Centenary Celebrations.


  • Christmas Cards from last year's nativity and camel on sale soon – two beautiful images. Please buy and send to all!
  • A souvenir booklet is in production and will be ready before Christmas. You can pre-order and give as Xmas presents.
  • Specially bottled wine is on sale, priced £12.20 and £20.20.

Dates, so far

  • January 25: Launch Service with the Bishop of Oxford 10am
  • Feb 1st : Gala dinner with silent auction 6pm
  • Feb 29th Antiques evening with Mallams Auctioneers 6pm
  • June 5th and 6th: Open Gardens Kidlington and Hampton Poyle
  • June 27th: Olympic theme summer fete
  • July 26th Concert by Woodstock Music Society
  • 2 weeks in October: Festival of Music featuring local musicians and groups over a fortnight.
  • December 12th 'Follow that Star' with three camels (ridden by winners of competition)

Other activities in the planning

  • Exhibitions in St Mary's and Kidlington Library, by both Kidlington Camera Club and the Historical Society.

Ways in which you can help

  • Help with publicity: displaying posters, interacting with our social media posts, letting people know ...
  • Organising your own event ...
  • Joining the Fund Raising team for the three building projects.