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Parish of Kidlington with Hampton Poyle

Parish of Kidlington
with Hampton Poyle


Dr Evershed ends his term as Churchwarden

April 2014



An observer at Sunday morning services at St Mary's K over the last few years might have thought that the churchwarden's job was to read the notices at the start of the service, to apologize that the heating was playing up, to remind all who needed defrosting after the service that coffee was served, and to announce the first hymn ...

... all with the timing and dry wit of our best stand-up comedians.

As Dr Evershed will affirm, the duties defined under the Churchwardens Measure 2001 are a little more extensive. One reads that, inter alia, churchwardens are the officers in the Parish of the Bishop (not the incumbent or PCC); must be the foremost in representing the laity and co-operating with the incumbent; must use their best endeavours by example and precept to encourage the parishioners in the practice of true religion and to promote unity and peace among them; must discharge the duties assigned to them by law and custom; must maintain order and decency in the church and churchyard, especially during the time of divine service; must hold the title to the movable stuff inside the church; and ... (list continued elsewhere).

If doing all that for several years was not enough, Bill also steered the Parish through a long interregnum.

In April, Bill's term as warden came to an end. He is pictured here receiving from the Rector the thanks of the parishioners, along with a rather special clock, one decorated with views and reminders of Kidlington.

There are hopes that Bill will step up to mike again --- if not as warden then perhaps with his own Christmas Notice Special?