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Parish of Kidlington with Hampton Poyle

Parish of Kidlington
with Hampton Poyle


Parish Vision Day

29th March 2014



On Saturday 29th March we held a Vision Day to begin the process of planning for our future priorities in ministry and mission our three churches.

The day was planned and facilitated by Felicity, Rosemary Tucker, Ruth Johnson, and Meghann Hewett.


Lots of people came and the atmosphere was creative and fun. We worked together and in groups.


Meghann guided us through Edward de Bono's 6-hat method of thinking as we debated the different areas of ministry and we came up with all sorts of ideas. We reflected on the character of our church and the vocation of the church with the help of 400 pictures of angels!

angels robert studies and angel

We shared a sumptuous lunch and someone made a mouse!


Now we will carry forward the ideas and form them into priorities in a Mission Action Plan. This is the job of the newly elected PCC, but we will ensure that the whole parish continues to be involved. Thankyou for all your energy and good Spirit. Now we look to the future.