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Parish of Kidlington with Hampton Poyle

Parish of Kidlington
with Hampton Poyle


Institution, Induction and Installation of the new Rector of Kidlington

10th November 2013

The Parish Church of St Mary's Kidlington was full last Sunday evening for the Institution, Induction and Installation of the new Rector of Kidlington, Revd Felicity Scroggie. The service involved some legal formality, but was in the main an outpouring of welcome in worship.

Few enjoy such a triple welcome into a new job! The Institution involved the admission by the Bishop of Oxford of the Rector both into the Bishop's spiritual oversight, and into the care of souls in the Parish. The Induction was the admission by the Archdeacon of Oxford of the new Rector into the possession of the church building, churchyard and rectory. As its name suggests, the Installation was the formal placing by the Archdeacon of the Rector into her stall in the church.

Once installed, the Rector rang the church bell, and was welcomed into the Parish first by Bishop John, then by the congregation.

You can read how the ceremony unfolded in the Order of Service. On page 9 you will see the Oath of Allegiance, during which the accompanying picture was taken.

Oath of Allegiance
The new Rector taking her oath of allegiance. [Larger image]

The party afterwards was an opportunity to meet with the many parishioners from Felicity's former parish of St Andrew's Sudbury who had come, first, to see her settled in to her new surroundings and, second (in the words of one of St Andrew's churchwardens) to make sure that we in Kidlington would look after her properly.