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Diary and Notices, April 2020


Wednesday, April 1
Thursday, April 2
Friday, April 3
Saturday, April 4

Sunday, April 5

Palm Sunday

Monday, April 6
Tuesday, April 7
Wednesday, April 8
Maundy Thursday, April 9
Good Friday, April 10
Saturday, April 11

Sunday, April 12

Easter Day

  • 10.00am Video: Easter Eucharist (see the Home Page)
    Monday, April 13
    • Information will appear on the Home Page
    Tuesday, April 14
    • Information will appear on the Home Page
    Wednesday, April 15
    Thursday, April 16
    Friday, April 17
    Saturday, April 18

    Sunday, April 19

    Easter 2

    Monday, April 20
    Tuesday, April 21
    Wednesday, April 22
    Thursday, April 23
    Friday, April 24
    Saturday, April 25

    Sunday, April 26

    Easter 3

    Monday, April 27
    Tuesday, April 28
    Wednesday, April 29
    Thursday, April 30
  • Notices

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    General Notices


    Public worship is suspended, but are continuing parish life through a variety of means including videos of daily prayer and services. All information will be on the Home Page, available from the menu.

    Here is a message from the 18th March from the clergy
    Carrying on with Parish Life