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Diary and Notices, August 2019


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General Notices

Lifts to church

Could you offer a lift to Church on Sunday once in a while? Several members of the congregation rely on a lift and would be very grateful, but there are not enough of us to meet their needs at the moment. Just once a month would be really helpful. Please speak to Anne Handsley if you think you might be able to help (378267).

You might have noticed that we now have a small device for contactless giving at the back of church. We can now take donations by card quickly and very simply. All you have to do is touch the pad with your card – just like in the shops. This is really important as so many of us now do not carry cash in our pockets but still want to contribute to church funds. It is set to a £5 basic donation but you can change the amount from £3 up to £30 by swiping the screen if you wish to. We have the machine on a three month trial from the diocese, so please give us your feedback about using it.

Date Ordered Notices

Friends of St Mary's, 2nd August
August Craft Mornings, 7th,14th,21st,28th
On Wednesdays at St John's ...
Outdoor Sunday! 18th August
We have two special Open air services (weather permitting) -- Open Space at 10am in St Mary's Kidlington and the annual Pet service at 3pm in Hampton Poyle.
HOLIDAY at HOME Aug 14 to 16
From 10am to 4pm on the 14th, 15th and 16th the Methodist Church are planning another Holiday at Home. This event has the older folk in mind. The day is filled with fun things, entertainment, craft, exercises and food. If anyone would like to help for an hour or so over those 3 days please ring Marilyn King on 376700 for further info. If you know of any elderly people who would love to have some social time, there will be signing up forms for details. The cost is £5 a day or £3 for half a day. Thank you. Marilyn King.
Just a reminder for New Daylight readers that we will be meeting on Thursday 29th August at 2.30pm in the Refectory.
JOYFUL NOISE 6th Sept 6th
at 10am in St Mary's Kidlington. A Monthly interactive service for Children with Adults. 'Make a joyful noise to the Lord!' (Psalm 98.4). Bible stories, songs, craft, refreshments.
Continuing the series at St Mary's Kidlngton at 11.30am on Sunday 8th September. The Revd Peter Groves will speak about Salvation.
RIDE & STRIDE 14th Sept 2019
Over 500 churches and chapels in Oxfordshire will be open. You can help preserve the history on your doorstep by taking part in a sponsored walk, cycle or horse ride around Oxfordshire churches. For more information contact Richard Davies tel: 0776 809 0701.