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Diary and Notices, July 2018


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General Notices

Thank you everybody who helped to make yesterday's fete such a wonderful day. So many people worked so hard in so many different ways before, during and after the event. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

1. We have had several submissions from architects for the new refectory facilities. Closing date has not yet passed but interviews will be 19th / 20th July. These are open to anyone who wants to come and observe (not speak) and give feedback to the interviewers. More details later...

2. We have had quotes for repairing St Mary's church and refectory roofs. Some work can start fairly soon but we really need some help in applying for grants for this. We have all the info needed for the grant forms. We have photos (lots). The diocese has a list of possible funders and will help us with who to apply to. What we don't have is anyone who is able and willing to fill in the forms for different funders and to keep track of the progress of the different applications. Could this be you? Could this be someone you know? They would be supported by the fabric committee and by the diocesan person. This is a really important piece of work and we would be very grateful. Please have a talk with Gary or Tilly or Felicity if you are interested. Many thanks.

We have left over from the Fete some Win-A-Day-Out prizes, which I am auctioning off. If you would like to have one (or more) of them, Email, phone or catch me (Tilly Evershed) in church and let me know what you would like to bid. I will then give the prizes to the highest bidder for each one, and let you all know what extra we have raised towards the Fete total. Final date for contacting me will be July 31st. Email tilly.evershed@ntlworld.com Phone 01865 460038

Please may we remind you that in order to communicate with you, we need your consent to hold your data (name, address, phone number and email etc). We ask that each person signs a consent form and these forms are available today. Thank you!

Dated Notices

Coffee Concert 8th July
At 11.30 in St Mary's K Julia Middleton and Laura Biron-Scott with perform jazz duets for clarinet.

Choral Evensong 8th July
At 5.30pm in St Mary's K the choir and choristers will sing choral evensong. Canticles are those in Bflat by Stanford and the anthem is Save us O Lord by Bairstow.

OPEN SPACE SERVICE: Sunday 15th July
The next Open Space will be a communion service on the theme of 'inclusiveness'. We are collecting news articles on inclusion (and non-inclusion) in the church and more widely, which we will display in the service. If you come across any news articles or stories relevant to the theme, please pass them on to Laura, Rosemary Tucker or Huw Morgan.

Members and friends are kindly invited to a Summer yea party at Elaine's house, Church End, 104 Church Street, on Tuesday 17th July, 3-5pm. RSVP to Pam. Tel: 372983 or e-mail: cooperpm@aol.com

Thursday 19th July is the last collection day before the summer break - there is no collection in August. Let's make a real effort! Could you also bear in mind that the Gatehouse needs sleeping bags for its guests, so if you have any old, but serviceable ones in your loft, or elsewhere, they would be delighted to have them! Thank you very much for all your contributions. Sarah.

THE 2020 PROJECT 20th July
The 2020 Committee is pleased and excited to report that we have received 5 tenders for the 2020 St Mary’s Kidlington Church Hall project. The committee has short listed 3 architects to present their proposals in person and be interviewed by the committee on Thursday 19th July and Friday 20th July. Any member of the church is very welcome to attend please can you let Gary Gibbs (garyandmairi@googlemail.com 01865 426868) know if you would like to attend and he will let you know timings.

The process is to decide on which architect we work with for the whole project and is about choosing the architect we can work with well and not just the best initial design ideas. The committee will be asking the questions but feedback will be gladly received.

Looking Ahead

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