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Diary and Notices, April 2018


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General Notices

There is no membership requirement for the Church of England, but every church does keep a list of people who consider that they belong to this church and who are entitled to vote for appointing church wardens and other things at the annual church meeting. (This electoral roll is not for voting in council elections.) It does not cost you anything to be on our electoral roll, but it is important for church statistics that people who are church attenders do go on the electoral rolls. These are the most important figures that we have and where the church is growing (as we are) it is the best way we have to counter the commonly held view that 'no one goes to church nowadays'. In order to be on the electoral Roll you need EITHER to live in Kidlington or Hampton Poyle, OR to have been attending for the last 5-6 months. If you consider that this is your church, please do fill in the very simple form and go on our electoral roll. Forms are not available this week but will be in church next week. Or else contact the clergy and we will get a form to you. Thank you.

Please make any cheques for St Mary's Kidlington, St Mary's Hampton Poyle, or St John's, payable to Kidlington with Hampton Poyle PCC (St Mary's Church etc is not nowadays accepted by the bank.)

Rota for Summer Sunday Teas
The Rota for Summer Sunday Teas is being compiled for St Mary's (6th May to 16th Sept). I need more volunteers to work in a team to serve teas to the public. If you could do it one or two Sundays in the summer, it would be tremendous. It is an enjoyable and sociable activity. We need bakers for providing cakes as well. Please contact Philippa Burrell if you are interested. Tel 378444.

Fete Prep 30th June
Where do YOU have your haircut? Where do YOU shop? Would you be willing to ask your hairdresser or butcher, etc, to place an advert, sponsor an activity, or donate a prize (or put up a poster) for the fete? If so please see Tilly or call her on 01865 460038.

Give us your garden for four weeks only! We need sites for 'estate agent' fete signs for the four weeks up to 30 June 2018 (The Fete Date). Again please contact Tilly with your offer. Thank you so much.

We are planning a program of events to involve the communities of Kidlington and Hampton Poyle throughout the year. At this stage we have some specific needs: Please tell felicity if you can be involved. THANK YOU in advance.

Dated Notices

Cakes & Marathons 8th Apr
There will be a home-made cakes stall after the 10am service today by Felicity's daughter who is running the London Marathon in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

It has been suggested that readers of the BRF Notes might like to meet sometimes to discuss the topics which have been covered in recent Notes. An initial meeting has been arranged for MONDAY 9th APRIL at 3pm in the REFECTORY. If you are already a reader, or are interested in finding out more about the BRF Notes, you are very welcome to come along. Janice Venables.

OPEN SPACE 15th April
The Key Group (monthly teenager group) are planning this service on the theme of "Holiness". They would really like pictures from you of places that you feel are holy or where you feel a special connection to God to include in the service. Please could you email me pictures (meghann_hewett@hotmail.com) or give me a copy if that's easier. This service will include Communion.

COFFEE TALK Sunday 15th April
For Everything a Season: the next of Laura's coffee talks is at 11.30am at St Mary's.

SAFE SPACE GROUP Monday 16th April
meets in St Mary's Refectory at 2pm. A supportive Fellowship and Bible group that meets fortnightly, for those who struggle and want to learn more about the Christian faith. For more information contact Felicity.

At 12.30pm on Wednesday 18th. Please let Peter and Jan Jeffreys 580659 know if you would like to go.

MOTHERS' UNION Friday April 20th
I will be in the Refectory at 10.45 am on Friday April 20th to go through the Wave of Prayer Service (which you'll find in the centre of the Spring Focus magazine). If anyone would like to join me, please come along & bring the Focus. These prayers & readings will be used in linked MU Dioceses throughout the world, as well as in this country, from the 20th-22nd. If you are unable to come, please read them at home when you have time. Thank you. Pam Cooper

At 11.30am after the morning service at St Mary's Kidlington. Given by Julia Middleton (Clarinet), Hannah Winstone-Partridge (Clarinet), and Mike Bardsley (piano). Music for clarinets and piano by Mozart, Ravel, and others.

ANNUAL CHURCH MEETING Wednesday 25th April
The APCM is at 7.30pm in St Mary's Kidlngton. It is a chance to reflect on what has happened in the past year, elect new PCC members, and share what is coming up in the year ahead. Everyone is welcome.

A meeting for those doing the Bible Reading Challenge, 8pm at St Mary's Refectory. Please turn up with any questions or comments, or anything else to share that you have discovered so far. Don't worry if you are behind (or ahead)!

GATEHOUSE Thurs 26th
Thank you everyone for your contributions to the Gatehouse last month. The next collection date is April 26th. Sarah K.

Please could we have your assistance in moving hymn books etc on Sat 28th April from 10am, to prepare the Welcome area for work to be done by builders. If you can spare an hour please let Gary Gibbs know.

Looking Ahead

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