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Parish Diary and Notices, March 2010


Monday, March 1
Tuesday, March 2
  • 12noon Food for Though lunchtime talk at St John's
  • 7.30pm Holy Communion at St John's
  • 7.30pm Bellringers' meeting, Refectory
Wednesday, March 3
  • 10.00am Holy Communion at St Mary's K
  • 2.15pm Under 5s at St John's
Thursday, March 4
Friday, March 5
  • 10.00am Women's World Day of Prayer, Methodist Church (see notices)
  • 8.00pm Women's World Day of Prayer, St Mary's K
Saturday, March 6
  • 10.30am Edukid Trustees' Meeting, St Mary's Refectory

Sunday, March 7
  • 8.00am Holy Communion at St Mary's K
  • 9.30am Parish Communion at St John's
  • 10.00am Parish Communion at St Mary's K
  • 10.00am Parish Communion at St Mary's HP
  • 12noon Holy Baptism at St Mary's K
  • 5.00pm Healing service at St Mary's K
  • 6.30pm Said Evensong at St John's
  • 7.00pm TIG at St John's
  • 9.00pm Lenten Compline, St Mary's K
Monday, March 8
Tuesday, March 9
  • 7.30pm Holy Communion at St John's
Wednesday, March 10
  • 10.00am Holy Communion at St Mary's K
  • 2.15pm Under 5s at St John's
  • 8.00pm Standing Committee, Parish Office
  • 8.00pm Wednesday Fellowship Group
Thursday, March 11
  • ------ Gatehouse collection day
Friday, March 12
Saturday, March 13
  • 10.30am Julian Meeting, 12 Barn Close

Sunday, March 14
  • 8.00am Holy Communion at St Mary's K
  • 8.00am Holy Communion at St John's
  • 9.30am Parish Communion at St John's
  • 10.00am Parish Communion at St Mary's K
  • 6.30pm Said Evensong at St John's
  • 7.00pm TIG at St John's
  • 9.00pm Lenten Compline, St Mary's K
Monday, March 15
Tuesday, March 16
  • 7.30pm Holy Communion at St John's
Wednesday, March 17
  • 10.00am Holy Communion at St Mary's K
  • 2.15pm Under 5s at St John's
  • 7.30pm Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary, St Mary's (see notices)
  • 8.00pm Wednesday Fellowship Group
  • 8.00pm St Mary's Committee, Refectory
Thursday, March 18
Friday, March 19
Saturday, March 20
  • Parish Day Out

Sunday, March 21
  • 8.00am Holy Communion at St Mary's K
  • 9.30am Parish Communion at St John's
  • 10.00am Parish Communion at St Mary's K
  • 10.00am Parish Communion at St Mary's HP
  • 12noon Holy Baptism at St Mary's K
  • 6.30pm Said Evensong at St John's
  • 7.00pm TIG at St John's
  • 9.00pm Lenten Compline, St Mary's K
Monday, March 22
Tuesday, March 23
  • 7.30pm Holy Communion at St John's
Wednesday, March 24
  • 10.00am Holy Communion at St Mary's K
  • 2.15pm Under 5s at St John's
  • 7.30pm Holy Communion followed by
  • 8.00pm PCC meeting at St Mary's K
  • 8.00pm Wednesday Fellowship Group
Thursday, March 25
Friday, March 26
Saturday, March 27
  • 10.00am Parish Quiet Day (see notices)
  • 12.30am Charity lunch, Refectory (see notices)

Palm Sunday, March 28
  • 8.00am Holy Communion at St Mary's K
  • 9.30am Parish Communion at St John's
  • 9.45am Meet in Church St (Franlin Clse) to process to church
  • 10.00am Palm Sunday Communion at St Mary's K
  • 6.30pm Said Evensong at St John's
  • 7.00pm TIG (at St Mary's, tbc)
  • 9.00pm Holy Week Compline, St Mary's K
Monday, March 29
  • 7.30pm Holy Week Evening Prayer, St John's
  • 9.00pm Holy Week Compline, St Mary's K
Tuesday, March 30
  • 7.30pm Tuesday Night Group
  • 7.30pm Holy Week Communion at St John's
  • 9.00pm Holy Week Compline, St Mary's K
Wednesday, March 31
  • 10.00am Holy Communion at St Mary's K
  • 2.15pm Under 5s at St John's
  • 7.30pm Holy Week Journey of the Cross, St John's
  • 8.00pm Wednesday Fellowship Group
  • 9.00pm Holy Week Compline, St Mary's K


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General Notices

Boxes of Planned Giving envelopes for 2010/2011 are now available in the churches. If you have been using envelopes but would prefer to change to a bank standing order then please let me know and I'll make sure you have the necessary paperwork. If you are not part of the Planned Giving scheme at all then please consider this - it makes it easier for you to support the work of the church regularly and it helps the parish budget better. Also, if you are a tax-payer, putting cash into the collection rather than using regular envelopes/bank standing order means that the parish is losing out on the Gift Aid we could claim on all that you give. For more information, forms, envelopes etc, then please contact me or ask one of the Churchwardens. Margaret Day (tel: 375916).
This major source of funding is due to end on 31st March 2011. The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme (LPWGS) enables listed places of worship to claim back 100% of VAT incurred on repairs and maintenance to the building, professional fees and repair works to fixtures such as bells and organs. The Scheme was introduced in April 2001 and to date has paid out over £100 million to places of worship across the United Kingdom. The Archdeacon urges us all to support the campaign to extend the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme, beyond March 2011 by signing the petition here . Our Parish has benefitted greatly from this scheme.
The Church has a democratic system of government. Bishops, clergy and laity all take part in decision making over the whole field of the Church's concern. Decisions are made at Parish, Deanery, Diocesan and General Synod level. Members in a parish elect a Parochial Church Council, the P.C.C. They also elect representatives to serve on the Deanery Synod. The Deanery Synod elects representatives to the Diocesan Synod which in turn representatives to the General Synod. To take part in the voting at the Church's Annual Meeting members must have their names entered on the Electoral Roll. They are entitled to have their names entered on the roll of the parish if they are baptised; are members of the Church of England or of a church in communion with the Church of England; are 16 years of age or upwards; are resident in the parish and have signed a form of application for enrolment. If they are not resident in the parish they may apply for enrolment if they habitually attend public worship in the parish for a period of six months prior to enrolment. All members entitled to be on the roll should enrol. The roll is the list of worshiping church members and is very useful to the clergy when carrying out their pastoral duties.

If your name is already on the roll you do NOT need to make a further application this year. A copy of the roll (for St Mary's ) is displayed on the church porch notice board.

John Amor, Electoral Roll Officer

The fund is still drawing in donations - for which we are most grateful. The following message has been received from Montshiwa: "We are pleased to tell you that we (Church wardens Clarence Kgadiete and Gloria Tsogang) met with mother Hope Tshenkeng yesterday, Thursday 11 March 2010. She has put us on light with the progress of Itumedise Ngwana football project. It is really exciting to realize how busy you are with fundraising towards this project. This will be of real upliftment towards needy communities especially children." Terry, Margaret and Kathryn.
BRF Notes come as a booklet containing a daily short Bible text with notes, and are a useful and easy way of exploring the Bible. Orders are now going in for Notes for the next year, starting in May, at a price of £11.40 for the year. I will reorder as usual for current readers, but if anyone else would like to give them a try, please let me know: Janice Venables, 31 Mill Street, tel: 376535.
Each Sunday during Lent there will be a Compline or night prayer service in the chancel of St. Mary's at 9pm. This is an ancient service, the final office of the day, a chance to quietly reflect on your day and to dedicate the time ahead to God. The service will be preceded by a sermon and this year we are focussing on chapters 5-12 of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. All welcome.
Are you looking for a book to accompany your journey through Lent? A couple of suggestions: "Our Sound is our Wound: contemplative listening to a noisy world" by Lucy Winkett, Continuum Publishing 2010 (Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2010) How do we listen for the voice of God within the soundscapes of our lives. "Giving it up: daily Bible readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day" by Maggi Dawn, Bible Reading Fellowship 2009 (BRF Lent Book 2010) This title focuses on the importance of understanding who God is - and who God is not.
Canvas shopping bags with a design of each of the 3 churches on the front, for sale today. Unique to Kidlington with Hampton Poyle! £3.50, all profits to church funds.
Parish Facebook
There is a new Facebook group for the Parish. If you are a Facebook member, search for the Parish of Kidlington with Hampton Poyle. It is a place to share information, discuss church matters and celebrate everything good about Parish life.
Dated Notices

Street Pastors in Oxford Mar 1st
This is an initiative by the New Road Baptist church Oxford. The programme will be launched on Monday 1st March at 6pm at the Oxford Town Hall. Street Pastors is an interdenominational Church response to urban problems and involves engaging with people on the streets with caring, listening and dialogue. A successful project has already been running in London. The Oxford project will be run in partnership with the Police, Council and other statutory agencies. Volunteer Street Pastors are needed so if anyone thinks they could be a Street Pastor there will be a training sessions beginning on 24th April. Please speak to Anthony if you are interested.
the lunchtime bible discussion group, will be meeting again on Tuesday March 2nd, 12noon until 2pm, at St John's Vicarage (come to side door of vicarage next to church) We are continuing our exploration of a book that has intrigued, mystified and attracted many: the Book of Revelation, with chapters 9 to 13. Speaking recently on BBC Radio 4's Start the Week, the theologian Robert Beckford said that whereas literal readers of the text view it as a timeline for the end of the world, the book can also be read as encouragement for readers in different times and ages, including the present day, to stand up to and challenge all powers and authorities that oppress others and hold onto a rule of inequality and injustice. Come and join us. Bring sandwiches with you, drinks provided.
On Friday, 5th March at 10am in the Methodist Church and at 8pm in St. Mary's K. Prepared by Christian women of Cameroon on the theme "Let everything that has breath praise God". Speakers: a.m. the Revd. Kathryn Bracewell, Minister of New Road Baptist Church, Oxford; p.m. Heather Talbot, who has worked in Cameroon. Refreshments after both services. All welcome - men, women and young people
It is our turn to take the above Service at Glebe House THIS AFTERNOON at 3pm. If anyone would like to come along to give support please turn up at about 2.50pm. Thank you.Pam Cooper, Sue Mills.
An exhibition with a difference! The Christian artist Paul Hobbs will be holding an exhibition at St. Thomas' Church, Goring from 7th to 12th March For further information visit Paul's website:
Annual General Meeting, Monday, 8th March, 7.15pm, preceded by tea and coffee from 6.45pm, to be held at New Road Baptist Church, Bonn Square, central Oxford. Before the brief business meeting, the speakers on the theme of "City Centre Perspectives" will be Sister Anne Proudley, CSJB, Chaplain to the Homeless, and the Very Revd Bob Wilkes, City Rector and Priest-in-charge, St. Michael at the North Gate. The meeting is open to all.
On 13th March at St. Mary's Hampton Poyle, from 10.30am to 12.30pm.
MOTHERS' UNION- Christian Care for Families Mar 14
I hope that members will make a special effort to be at the 10am Communion Service in St Mary's next Sunday 14th (Mothering Sunday), to support the 2 new members who are to be admitted to the Mothers' Union. We look forward to welcoming them to our Branch. If there are any former members, who would like to be welcomed back,please let us know and we can arrange for this to take place at the same time. Thank you. Pam Cooper&Philippa Burrell
The Altar Servers Guild meets in St Mary's on Wednesday, 17th March at 7:30pm for Guild Office and Address on the Feast of St Patrick. The officiant and preacher will be Revd William Whyte. All welcome.
This is showing at Kidlington Baptist Church, Wednesday 17 March 7.30 pm, FREE. There are no tickets, just turn up. There will be a retiring collection to cover costs. Contact:
Parish Day Out in the Derbyshire Leicestershire borders. We visit Melbourne, Breedon on the Hill and Staunton Harold.
Mothers' Union Mar 25
LADY DAY Celebration of Holy Communion at the Cathedral at 11am. We are asked to be in our seats by 10.45. The President & Preacher will be the Rt Revd Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham and the theme will be 'Relationship not Rules'. Philippa will be carrying our Branch banner (as we have no Deanery banner), Ruth will be a Steward and there will be a choir made up of members from all over the Diocese.
On behalf of the Holiday Bible Club I am sending this to all the churches here in Kidlington. As some of you may know, this summer event has been going for at least 25 years and has been a wonderful outreach to unchurched children living in Kidlington. However, in recent years it has been increasingly difficult to find leaders between 20 and 40 years of age who would be willing to take over from those of us, who are still very keen, but now feel that the children would benefit from a younger team. We are still willing to be part of that team but to participate more in the background. There will be a meeting on Thursday March 25th at 8pm at the Methodist church to discuss how we can offer the children a different format and any young people who are interested, please do come along! Please give this prayerful thought and consideration. If you cant make that date and are still interested please phone Marilynn King on 376700.
Our next Quiet Day will be held at Begbroke Priory on Saturday 27th March. It will be led by Barbara Doubtfire, with the theme "Bringing Holy Week to Life". The day will start with coffee at 10.00am and finish about 4.00pm. Tea, coffee and afternoon cakes will be provided, but please bring your own packed lunch. The cost is £10. Please sign up on the lists in the churches - including whether you need or can offer a lift.
MOTHERS' UNION Christian Care for Families Mar 27th
The next CHARITY LUNCH will be on SATURDAY, MARCH 27TH in the Refectory , starting at 12.30pm. We would like to make a list of those who would be willing to help with this in any way, whether by making soup or cakes, preparing the Refectory beforehand, doing the Raffle, helping with the Sales Table, helping serve coffee afterwards or clearing up. You do not have to be an MU member! We would appreciate your help. Thank you. Pam Cooper and Philippa Burrell.
The annual revision of the Electoral Roll will take place before the Annual General meeting to be held on 20th April 2010. If you wish to enter your name on the roll please complete an application form and hand it to one of the following:- The Clergy, The Churchwardens – Joyce Morris and Bill Evershed, Rosemary Gardner and Mark Christodoulou, Monica Green and Jean Bagnall or - the Electoral Roll Officer – John Amor (Woodview, Green Lane, Yarnton, Kidlington OX5 1QE) Forms should be received by the Electoral Roll Officer by Sunday 28th March 2010. The revised roll will then be displayed in the three churches for the required period before the AGM. N.B. If your name is already entered on the roll there is no need to make a further application this year.
ART AT ST. JOHN'S IN HOLY WEEK from 31st March
St John's is using the art of American artist/writer/minister Jan Richardson during Holy Week. In particular, the Wednesday evening service at 7.30pm will use Jan's charcoal drawings for a reflective service Journey of the Cross: Entering the Garden of Hollows. The art will be available to view during the day on Wednesday 31st March. Please contact me to arrange to view. Come and join us as part of your journeying through Holy Week.
Looking Ahead

Please see April's Dated Notices
Regular Lecture Series

Pusey Street, Tuesdays at 5pm
Theme: On being Human
  • Feb 2nd Speaking for Ourselves: the Origins of Language Prof Faraneh Vargha-Khardem.
  • Feb 9th Human Consciousness: when, where and why? Prof Michael Marsh.
  • Feb 16th Human Dignity and Disability Dr Joanna Collicut McGrath, University of London
  • Feb 23rd Making sacred Dr Douglas Hedley, Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge
  • Mar 2nd Enhancing the human image: ethical perspectives Prof John Harris, Research Director, University of Manchester
  • Mar 9th Assisted Dying: Disposal by decree of man? Baroness Ilora Finlay, Cardiff University School of Medicine.