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Parish of Kidlington with Hampton Poyle

Parish of Kidlington
with Hampton Poyle

Kidlington Theological Forum

Theology through 2019

Sundays, 11:30-noon, St Mary's Church, Kidlington

The Kidlington Theological Forum began in December 2017, with a year-long series of talks exploring theology through the church year: the customs, practices and theological underpinnings of our worship.

The second round of talks will take place in 2019, focusing on themes of doctrine (what Christians believe). Christian doctrine encompasses a wide range of viewpoints, and to reflect this breadth the talks will be given by different speakers, each with their own perspective to share.

The first three talks focus on the doctrine of God, and related questions about creation and the place of humanity within the created order. The next three talks explore further aspects of our understanding of God: the person of Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Trinity. Finally, we explore some central questions of our faith: about salvation, the church and eschatology ('the last things').


The talks will be given by a variety of speakers within and beyond the parish.


St Mary's Church, Kidlington, OX5 2AZ (either in Church or in the Refectory next door).


11:30am-12noon. Coffee and biscuits served from 11:15am.

Programme 2019

The text of the talks will appear after they are given.

13th January: God
David Meara

10th February: Creation
Jennifer Brown

10th March: Humanity
Laura Biron-Scott

12th May: The Person of Christ
Meghann Hewett

2nd June: The Holy Spirit
Grant Bayliss

14th July: The Trinity
Martin Davis

8th September: The Church
Peter Groves

13th October: Salvation
John Morris

3rd November: Eschatology
Bruce Forman