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Parish of Kidlington with Hampton Poyle

Parish of Kidlington
with Hampton Poyle

For Everything a Season

Theology through the church year

Sundays, 11:30-noon, St Mary's Church, Kidlington

Each church year we follow a cycle of seasons, beginning with Advent, and concluding with the 'kingdom season' in November. Just like the seasons of the calendar year, these church seasons are marked by various changes: of colour, mood, themes, readings and symbols.

Perhaps you have noticed the changes of the seasons and wondered why they matter. Perhaps you have questions about the themes and readings. Perhaps you are not very familiar with church seasons and would like to learn more.

These coffee talks will offer a chance to explore the church year in more depth, with a 20 minute talk followed by 10 minutes of discussion. We will focus both on the practices and customs of each season, and also what these teach us about God and our faith. The talks are the first in a series of three: in the second year there will be talks on doctrine (what we believe); the third year on understanding Scripture.


The talks will be given by Revd Dr Laura Biron-Scott. They are open to all and you can simply turn up.


St Mary's Church, Kidlington, OX5 2AZ.

Programme 2017-2018

The text of the talks will appear after they are given.
3rd December: Watch out!
17th December: Why are we waiting?
Christmas & Epiphany
7th January: Tis the season
21st January: Dream on
Lent & Passiontide
18th February: Slow down!
18th March: Demands my life
15th April: Raised expectations
29th April: Choose joy
6th May: Mind the gap
27th May: Kindle a flame
17th June: Three impossible things before lunch
Ordinary Time
15th July: Green is for growth
Kingdom Season
18th Nov: Thy kingdom come
Bundled notes for
all 13 talks