The Parish of Kidlington with Hampton Poyle

Lenten Compline Talks

Sundays, 8.45, St Mary's Church, Kidlington

2017 Lent and Holy Week Compline Talks

Faith in and at Work

Prof John Morris
To complement the series of Sunday morning sermons given by people in various occupations talking about their jobs in relation to their faith, John Morris follows the same idea but looks at the occupations of various people in the bible.

2015 Lent and Holy Week Compline Talks

On Conflicts and Resolutions

Prof John Morris
The theme for 2015's Lent is conflicts and resolutions - we could have started in the OT but I decided to stick to our Lord's life, so we are going to start with conflicts in his family; then within the group of his disciples; conflicts with the law; conflicts of his origin in Galilee; Peter's conflict of denial and fear; conflicts with the Sanhedrin and Pilate; the conflict on the cross; Thomas's conflict of doubt after the resurrection and finally; the conflict of the very early church with the Jewish authorities.